Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sept.13, 2009 - Max's Blessing Day

Alright, so this post is LONG over due...but hey, it's better late than never. So I'm doing my best to remember this wonderful day, since it was 6 months ago. : ( It makes me so sad that I've been soo bad at updating my blog. Anyway, these pictures are from Max's (and his sweet cousin Addie's) blessing day. Kalin and I went to NY to have our babies blessed on the same day with as much of our family being there as possible. It was so neat that my sister and I were able to have our baby's blessed on the same day.  Max was blessed by his daddy and the following men were in the circle: my dad, my brother (Dirk),my brother-in-law (Matt), my uncle Jan and my best friend's husband (Creed). We were so grateful to have so many people we love present. We were definitely sad not to be able to have Matt's side of the family and so many other men that have meant so much to Matt be present for the blessing, but it was really important for me for my family to meet my son and be present for such a special event in Max's life since they'll probably be missing most of them because they live on the other side of the counrty. Anyway, Matt gave the most beautiful blessing to our little Maxwell Kenneth. It was a very tender moment for both of us. Here are just a few of the many pictures that were actually taken that day.

All the family that there for the blessing.
Me and Max, Kalin and Addie, Tiffany and Maddie
My dad with all 3 of his grandchildren
My momma with Max and Addie
Me and Kalin with the babes
me and my twin brother, Dirk, and Max
Me, Kalin and Dirk with Max and Addie

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