Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend at the Coast!

This past weekend, our good friends Jess and Dave invited us to go to their family's beach house in Manzanita for the weekend. Our good friends Todd and Julie (and their friend Dan who was visiting from out of town)also came, as well as some of Jess and Dave's friends, Nicole and Gilbert. Anyway, we had a blast and I must say that the whole thing went by MUCH too fast! And I didn't get near enough pictures of everything we did. We were having too much fun and I just didn't think to take my camera out most of the time. : (

Isn't it beautiful?!?!

Max playing with Annalise's toys

Dan (who's not LDS) made up this game called "Who's the Better Mormon?" It was HILARIOUS!

Dan's a graphic designer, so he made this shirt for the winning team. It says "I'm a Better Mormon that You." haha

Matt and I won...and by Matt and I, I really just mean Matt....because he pretty much answered ALL of the questions. We were laughing pretty hard when we saw the shirt.
While we were there we visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was my first time and it was fun trying thr different cheeses as well as the YUMMY ice cream!
Us. : )
Me, Jess and her sweet little girl, Annalise
I realized that Jess and I had no pictures of the two of us together, so we got a few. I just have to write a little bit about Jessica since she's become one of my very best friends in the short time I've known her. I met her through Todd and Julie last October at Julie's suprise party. She came late and we just started talking and continued talking for the rest of the afternoon, long after everyone else had left. We just clicked right away and I couldn't wait to spend more time with her. We get along really well and understand each other so well. I guess it's just exciting because we meet people all the time but, atleast for me, I find that it's so hard to find a friend who you instantly love and feel like you've known forever. Anyway, I just love her to pieces and am SO grateful that I met her at this stage in my life and now get to be friends with her forever. : ) 
They have this cheese called "Squeeky Cheese" and it actually squeeks while you chew it...and it's rather tastey.

Max and Matt
Max LOVES being in this backpack. He seriously can stay in it for hours and be happy. Sometimes if we have a lot to do around the house and Max isn't content playing by himself for long, Matt puts him in this while he does stuff around the house. It's quite funny.

It's hard to tell from this picture, but this tree is 15 1/2 feet across and 750-800 years old.
Julie, reading with Matthew and Max.
Julie is just one of the sweetest most helpful and organized people I know. Her and Todd are two of Matt and my favorite people. We consider them family. They're the type of people that EVERYONE wants to be friends with and I always feel so good that they choose to spend time with us.We  LOVE them!
Max loves her too!

Max's first time on the beach...and just a side note-  You can tell this picture wasn't taken with my camera because it looks SO good! It was taken with Todd's super nice expensive camera.
Annalise, Matthew and Max
This was HILARIOUS! Liam put his arms around Matthew and Annalise and squeezed...he was practically  strangling Annalise. I laughed very hard. He was just trying to be sweet. 
Me and my boy

We weren't looking and put pulled himself and got to the plate of cookies...and proceeded to stuff them in his mouth. It was very cute and funny.
This picture probably looks like I;m feeding him more, but I'm actually trying to get to huge hunk of cookies out of his mouth, since he only has one tooth on the bottom that's barely in. He sure enjoyed the cookies though.

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Jessica said...

Awww, Kelse. I love you too, and am equally glad we met and get to be BFFs forever now! I think you are absolutely beautiful and absolutely as fun as a person can be to hang out with. I love that anything we do together is EXCITING, even if it's just sitting around. I love that you GET me and I never have to censor what I say around you. I love that your husband is awesome so we can hang out as couples. I love how honest and sincere and genuine and free with your emotions you are. You are the BEST and I love you. :)