Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to NY

After visiting Zanesville, Max and I drove back with my family to NY. We stopped into Youngstown, OH where my dad's family lives and it was so good to visit with them. I got to see my Aunt Dawn, Uncle Rick, Uncle Stan, Grams, my cousin Carly, Steven, David, Nicole and her husband Carmine and daughter Melina. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures...I was just enjoying being with them and forgot to take out my camera. Anyway, I loved seeing them! You'll notice there are a lot of pictures of Max, but I just can't help it...I just think he's the cutest thing! I can't get enough of his sweet little face.
Max and his Uncle Scott. Scott was so good with Max...he loved to hold him and play with him. Nate did too. I'm so lucky to have such great little brothers and Max is so lucky to have them as uncles!
Max taking a nap with his grandma...I didn't take many pictures while in NY. I wish I had taken more.

I love this. I saw that Max was getting sleepy and so I went over to take him from Scott and he didn't want me to. It was the cutest thing...which you can see in the video which is hilarious!
He sleeps with his mouth open, like his daddy. haha

This is sooo glad I got it on video.

One of my very best friend's, Whitney, came to visit me and brought her sweet little girl, Pepper Anne. I was so glad I got to see Whitney and her baby. It was actually perfect timing because she'd just gotten back from Idaho a couple days earlier and was leaving 2 days later to move to California to be with her husband. I loved holding her beautiful little girl. Sure love and miss my Whitney.

I also got to go have lunch with 2 of my best friends from highschool, Aileen and Rachael. I was so good to chat and catch up. We could have talked for hours...definitely went by waaay too quickly! Love you girls!

Max really wanted to play with Lexi...mostly climb on her and pull her fur...Lexi wasn't a fan of Max and pretty much moved away every time he came near. haha

I was there for my dad's birthday. That's him with his cake and ice cream.

Max just hanging out on the table

eating cake...he LOVED it!!!

Max has loved climbing and pulling himself up on things even before he was crawling, but now that he can get just about anywhere, he gets up on everything! haha It's so fun to watch him learn and explore.

He also loves to try to eat everything...

He loved this box. He went back to it so many times. haha

playing with his JaJa

Max crawled over to my dad and climbed was funny.

My cute little boy standing against anything he can.

I love that sweet smile.

I love how handsome he looks in his church clothes.

He tried climbing in my suit case after we got home.


Jessica said...

Love how Max is cuddling up with your mo and brother and sleeping. What a sweetie-pie!

Raine said...

Oh my goodness....Max is sooo cute!!! I love the video of Max falling asleep in Uncle Scott's arms :-)