Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing in the SNOW!

We got a few inches of snow one night and were sooo excited, so we had to go out and play!
All bundled up!
We were hoping to go sledding but our street wasn't steep enough...haha we didn't move more than a few inches.
Instead, we made a snowman! ...and had a snowball fight!
The next morning some kids and knocked our snowman over and poured ketchup all over to look like blood. Matt thought it was funny and I thought it was very rude.
And these are some pictures of our sweet little Maxwell. : )
Such a happy little guy!
Check out that crazy hair! haha Love it!
This was really funny...sometimes he likes to lick/try to eat the floor. Too funny!

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Jessica said...

I can't believe they destroyed and bloodied your cute snowman! TOTALLY rude!!!