Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beacon Rock and Max's first time crawling

We went on a family outting to climb Beacon Rock. (Just a little tid bit-Beacon Rock is the second largest free standing rock in the world!Second only to The Rock of Gibralter. Sweet!) It was so beautiful and Max loved being on Matt's back and seeing everything. I'm way out of shape so I was warn out in the end, but it was so worth it!
Our sweet litte guy, all bundled up!
There's Beacon Rock!
At the bottom.
So beautiful
Our family...haha Max looks nice and comfy.
Matt and his boy
It's a good hike up...
Gotta love that wild hair...
Max started crawling that night...with many attempts from the weeks before.
Time for some gates and baby proofing
Max was eating his foot...haha
My boys
Laughing with dad...

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Jessica said...

I'm so used to this hairdo, I wonder what I will do when I see the new 'do!