Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Matt and I had a great Valentine's Day with our little Max. This post is a little out of order but oh well. Since Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday, we celebrated a little early. On Friday, I went to Matt's office and while he was with patients, I heart attcked his office. I wrote on over 100 hearts and put them all over his office as well as streamers and a bunch of red and white balloons all over the floor.He loved it and I loved suprising him. That night we went over to our friend's, The Hillyards, and had a karaoke party which was a TOTAL blast! Don't have any pictures, sorry! The next day, Matt took Max, while I slept in, and made me breakfast and decorated with a TON of Valentine's decorations all over the stairs and the front door and the kitchem and dining room. He did great! We went to Red Lobster, which is my favorite restaurant, for dinner. Over all it was a wonderful Valentine's Day and the feeling of love was even stronger because we had our little Max with us too!
I love him SOOOOO much!!!

Had to take a picture in front of all the balloons from Matt

Our first Valentine's Day all together!

Me and the other love of my life
Out sweet little Maxwell

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