Friday, March 5, 2010

All things Christmas, before Christmas

These are pictures taken during the month of December. The first pictures are from a Christmas party at our good friends' house Nick and Erin Campos.
Max was mesmerized by the Christmas tree
He really does love Sue. I can't remember why he started crying...but he looks so cute in this picture.
Our little Christmas reindeer
I LOVE this picture! It could be my very favorite picture of Max. I just think it's the sweetest picture!
My friend Leah came over and took some pictures of our family in front of our Christmas tree. I was hoping to get a Christmas card out...but I didn't really like any of the pictures and so it never happened. But atleast we have some pictures of the whole family. I'm going to send out a family picture as soon as I lose all the weight that I want to lose. Then the pictures will look a lot me atleast.

Matt's sister, Kim, had an ugly sweater Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and I must say...Matt's never looked so good. We got our sweaters from the Salvation Army. When we got home we obviously needed to wash the sweaters. Not knowing that Matt had already washed and dried the sweaters, I, too, washed and dried the sweaters. When Matt put his sweater on, we found that (because it was 100% wool) it had shrunk...TWICE. haha Anyway, it made his look even better!
Getting ready for the white elephant portion of the party
Me and Kim

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