Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max's first trip to ZANESVILLE!!!

Just a heads up, there are about a zillion pictures in this post. So back a little before Christmas, I decided that it was really important for me to take Max to Zanesville to meet my grandparents.My grandparents have played a huge role in my life and they mean so much to me that I needed to share them with my little guy. My grandma's health has gotten pretty bad in the last 2 1/2 years and I just wanted to make sure that I didn't take the time I had for granted and miss the opportunity. My sister Kalin had the same thoughts that I did about her little girl, Addie, meeting our grandparents, so she also came out to visit. It was so fun to be with my family. We always have a great time just talking and laughing together. I just wish they didn't live so far away so I could see them MUCH more often. Anyway, we made the trip during the second half of February and I'm finally getting caught up enough to blog about it.
This is my awesome/hilarious cousin Jake with Max
And again...
Me and Jake...not the greatest pic, I'm aware, but the other was a lot worse.
My sweet was funny, we'd all be talking and laughing and then someone would point to my grandma because she kept falling asleep.
my mom and her grandbabies
pictures like this make me sad that this is all such a rare occurance. : (
Max and Addie eating on the floor...Max had to be contained or else he would have been all over the place. Kalin had it a litle easier because Addie stayed happily in place.
Max, rocking with grandma...that's the same rocking chair that my grandma used to rock me in.
playing with grandpa

I love this...
Max and his bestfriend, Addie
Max and Addie, taking a bath in the yellow bathroom
Max being happily entertained by my cousins, Jared and Amy
Max enjoying my Aunt Annie
Max loves pattycake!
Max crawled over to my Uncle Jan and woke him up. haha
I couldn't get this picture straight...
Me, Dirk and Kalin
Kalin and Adelyn
Oh how I miss this little package of adorableness! She seriously is an angel baby...just so happy and always smiling, showing off those big dimples. And I could just eat her cheeks. I wish her and Max could grow up together.
Me and my Twin
This was supposed to just be Dirk and Max but Max was tired and only wanted I'm in the picture too.
Max loved my grandpa...and I loved watching them together...mostly because I love seeing two people I love so much love eachother.
my grandpa has always been so silly and so good at making us all laugh...nothing's changed,
I like Max's face in this one.
He loved his great grandpa's watch.
FOUR generations!

So glad we were able to get this if my grandma can just stick around long enough for Max to get married and have a baby...

Me and my seester...thanks for making me look EXTRA white Kalin! : )
Love this!

The gang, after church
My grandparents. What a goodlooking couple. : )
Max and Auntie Kalin

Max and Uncle Nate
me and my sweet little blue eyed boy
I just love that little girl. Miss her so!
Max and Addie, Best Friends!
I think it's funny that they both only have shitrs on with their diapers. Too cute.
Uncle Nate with his niece and nephew


creed and tiffany said...

You look awesome! I can tell that you are losing weight with that diet of yours! And it looks like you are dressing different too. Not that you dressed bad before..just that it looks like you have a new wardrobe. I love it! Looks like an awesome trip!

Jessica said...

Kelse, you look gorgeous and so skinny! I love that reddish shirt you wore to church. And how fun to have two cousins the same age!