Friday, March 5, 2010

Max's first Christmas!

This year was Max's first Christmas as well as our first Christmas in our own home. Christmas morning was perfect! We slept in and then got Max and went downstairs into the front room and opened our stockings first and then onto the presents. Max didn't really get it since he was only 7 months but he definitely loved opening the presents. All he wanted to do was put the wrapping paper into his mouth so we had to quickly take it away after he finished ripping open the presents. Christmas is so different now that I'm a mom. I mean, let's be real, I still love getting presents but it's so much more exciting to get fun things for Max and this was also my first Christmas away from home. It was kind of sad but thanks to the wonderful technology of Skype, it wasn't too bad. On Christmas Eve Matt and I skyped with my parents and little brothers in NY. It was so cool! We talked for a while and they loved seeing Max. We read the story of the birth of Christ in the scriptures with them, a family tradition, and we even got to have family prayer with them! How neat is that?!?! And to make it even better, we got to do it again a few days later with my parents AND grandparents who had never met Max. It was so great! Thank goodness for Skype! I recommend it for everyone who is far from their loved ones!

Our HUGE Christmas tree
Max got this hat for Christmas and he wore it all morning. So cute!
trying to put it in his mouth, of course
One of the very few pictures of me on Christmas morning...haha
haha He fell over but that didn't stop him from ripping the paper.

Matt really wanted's the second book of The Joseph Smith Papers

This was the best present and suprise EVER!!! We'd opened all of our presents and I thought that Matt got me great presents and I was VERY happy. Then he left the room and said there was one more present. I had no idea what it was...I thought it could have been jewelry maybe...anyway, he came in with a big box and I still had no idea what it could be. He gave me the box and I noticed it was heavy, and I still had no idea. I opened the box and saw TOSHIBA and STILL had no idea until seconds later when it ALL clicked! I was stunned. I had mentioned sooo many times that I wanted a lap top, 1. because my desk top was sooo old and had sooo many problems and 2. because come on, who doesn't want a lap top? But I NEVER thought he was going to get it for me for Christmas...not even for a second. haha I'd even tried combining ever holiday I could think President's Day, V-Day, St. Patty's Day,Martin Luther King Day,Mother's Day and our Anniversary....hoping that they'd all add up to enough presentage to get me my lap top. haha Anyway, I obviously was and still am very grateful and am in fact using it right this very moment!

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Estelle said...

Ha ha! I love your term "enough presentage!" I do the same thing (like, can I get a $500 vacuum cleaner & count that for Valentines, Mothers Day & our anniversary??), but I never had a term for it. Your little guy Max is SOOO darn cute, Kelsey!!