Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to NY : Sat Sept. 12th

So Saturday was definitely was the day where we probably had the most fun. The girls did some more shopping. : ) My best friend Tiffany and her husband Creed and their daughter, Maddie, came over which was so fun! We also decided to sort of celebrate my little brothers' birthday since we were in town. So most of us went and played laser tag while my mom and aunt watched Max, Addie and Dean. We had soooo much fun! The first game we played everyone was by themselves, cut throat. The next game we played with teams. It was my family, minus Scott who played on the other team to even it out, versus a bunch of kids who were between the ages of probably 8 and 12...haha And maybe we got a little competitive, but hey, we wanted to win...and we did! haha We also had a blast playing together in the arcade. When we got home we had cake, we ate REAL NY PIZZA and WINGS!!, the boys opened a few presents and then we just hung out before heading to bed.

Creed and Max

me and my BFF...

He's basically her dad too.

I think this was right after the time that Maddie was sitting on our dog, Lexi, and Lexi stood up and Maddie fell and then cried...but skittles made everything better. : )

Max and his JaJa

This may be my favorite picture ever! This weekend was the first time my dad got to meet his grandson, Max. He didn't get in from a business trip until Friday so we were excited when he was finally there. The first time my dad held Max, Max gave him big smiles just like this...and my dad started to cry...which made my mom cry and then my aunt...and well you get the point. It was such a sweet moment. Kind of makes me sad because my dad is such a great grandpa and yet I feel like he hardly gets the chance to be because he's so far away. Sure wish my kids could get to know and love him and my mom the way I do. : ( That's life though, right?

We all had to clap and say "Yay!" to get Maddie to smile for this picture. ha ha

Max and his Uncle Scottie

Max and his pretty Grandma (GaGa is what the grandchildren are going to call her)

Creed and sweet little Maddie

Maddie was being so sweet to Matt.

Auntie Tiff with Max

Max playing with my cousin Jared

I had to put this picture so that everyone could sort of see our competition...the boys in the gray and orange shirts were on the other team...and the rest of their team looked about the same. We had 6 adults on our team...but thee was NO WAY we were going to take it easy on them. It's a good thing too because we barely beat them...they were good! Clearly they've had some practice.

Our team, minus me.

Don't we look tough?

Matt, Uncle Jan, my dad, Matt, me, Jared, Kalin, Nathan and Scott. We were deadly.

We were trying to look tough...but didn't quite pull it off.

It's true love.

Scott, Nate and Kalin...and I just want to say that Kalin, you look so cool. ha ha

The boys playing in the arcade.

Me and Kalin

One of the few pics of Nathan that I have.

We were trying to get a good pic...it didn't really work out.

I'm laughing because my dad was squatting down so all of our heads would fit and he was so low that we ended up having to bed over and then he was trying to position the camera so he wouldn't have a double chin...it was really funny...and we forgot the flash both times.

Both Matts playing some hunting game....you'd think they would have had enough after all the time they spent on the wii playing my brothers' hunting game. Guess Matt wanted to get his fill since we'll NEVER own a video game system! : )

My dad and Uncle Jan's turn!

I played DDR with Nathan...and lets just say I'm not very good...and that's probably an overstatement. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed myself.

Nathan and Jared blowing

We had a competition with everyone to see who could get the high score in basketball. I think my Uncle Jan actually got the highest score, 77.

The boys blowing out candles

Nate and his Vulcan

Scottie with his Vulcan

Me and Matt and Kalin and Matt got the boys the biggest baddest, sweetest Nerf guns every made! The Vulcan! It came with a tripod and shoots out the little dart things like a machine gun...it needs batteries. You know a Nerf gun is a big deal if it needs batteries.

My momma putting Max to sleep

So sweet


Leslie said...

I love all the pictures but I absolutely love the last few pictures the Grandma and Max. It is so sweet!
Max is such a sweet baby. Seeing him reminds me of mind so new. They grow up so fast.

The Platt's said...

KELS! MAX is the cutest thing ever!!!! when will auntie monica get to see him? i miss you and i hope you and matt are doing great!