Friday, September 24, 2010

Max 15 months

Max is 15 months! He's pretty much walking. He still crawls too but he's getting more and more brave. He won't take a binky and hasn't for a couple of months now. He's still nursing ans loving it. He actually seemed to love it more after he turned one than ever before. He gives the best hugs...he holds tight and squeezes. He loves to give kisses ALL the time, which we love! He loves his daddy so much and loves to play and wrestle with him. He loves  cars and pushes them around and makes noises. He LOVES playing in water whether it's the pool or the bath tub. I'll have to post a video of him in the bath sometime. He splashes so much that I have to cover myself with an extra towel so I don't get soaked. He has eight teeth. He loves corn on the cob. He's a very fickle eater and by that I mean that he loves a certain food one day and the next wants nothing to do with it and then a few days later he loves it again. He weighs 22lbs. and is 31inches long. He's in the 18th percentile for weight and the 64th for  height. He loves playing outside and at the park. He has recently learned to open all the doors in our house so we've had to put locks on them all. He LOVES playing the the toilet and has some sort of sixth sense where he knows if you've forgotten to close the bathroom door. He gives high fives and love to clap and play pat-a-cake. He LOVES to brush his teeth and tries to comb his hair. He's getting better at being left with babysitters and so we're starting to enjoy going places, besides the temple, without him. He talks all the time and is very loud...especially in church. I don't have any clue where he gets the talking's not in his genes at all. ; ) He's the absolute LOVE of our lives and we couldn't imagine this world without him. He brightens our days, makes us laugh and smile all the time and makes our lives so full. I can hardly get enough of his sweet face and have to kiss him all the time and tell him I love him at least 100 times a day...because I do!

Playing with daddy

ha ha Love this one!
He loves to kiss...he's even closing his eyes.

He thinks it's the greatest thing to kiss through the back of the chair or the banister or any sort of opening.

Love this face
When I was little and smiled big, my left eye would squint just like this. ha ha

One of my very favorite pictures of Max. This picture is the epitome of Max.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Max's first birthday Party! UNO!

Max turned one on June 9th and had is first birthday party on June 12th. It was a HUGE success! My wonderful friend, Jessica, thought of using UNO (the card game) as the theme and I loved it! Jessica is incredibly crafty and creative, not mention a great friend so she made or helped me make pretty much everything! We had over 30 people over at the house all to celebrate our sweet little Max turning one. I was super stressed all the way until the party started. It was A LOT of work getting everything ready but it all worked out and I'm glad we got to have a big party for our little guy. Birthday's are a celebration of life, another year together, which is an incredible blessing that is too often taken lightly. Birthdays are supposed to be special.

This is an UNO card cake made out of UNO cards...(not edible) Jess made it and it added so much to the decor!
I made these cupcake toppers with Max's head. I thought they were so cute!
These are the gifts from Matt and me...we got him way too many gifts. He wasn't even interested in opening them so we just opened his friends and other family gifts and left ours to open throughout the next week.

These pom poms were really time consuming but really added the most color to the house. I made 20 of them!
I rented a helium tank for all the balloons so I didn't have to spend a million years blowing them up and then pass out from lack of oxygen. There were 60 total.
Our Birthday Boy who was pretty laid back most of the day. He's sporting the adorable UNO shirt that Jess worked VERY hard to make for him. Thank you Jess!!!

The weather was perfect so we were able to eat on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

That's Max's girlfriend, Annalise, and her daddy, Dave, with Max and his daddy
Getting ready for cake!
Grandma made his cake. We used cool whip instead of super sugar thick frosting. He loved it!
He needed a little help with the candle.
Here he goes, face first!

So good!

he's even licking it off of his arm. hahaha

The one time where it's okay to play with your food.

This is the face he makes when he squeezes anything...including birthday cake.
opening presents


Matt with his mom and siblings
some of the onlookers for the opening of presents
Jess and me with our babies : )

The upside down binky...that's how it looked most of the time. He actually stopped taking a binky just a week or so after his birthday. I'm glad I never had to wean him of it but sometimes I wish it would still soothe him...mostly in the car.

This video was the morning of his actual birthday. This is how sweet he looks every morning. I was feeling very sentimental all day and couldn't believe that Max was already 1. I told him "Happy Birthday" all day long because it was his special day and I wanted him to know it was all about him. I also told him I loved him over and over and kind of begged him to stay little. He isn't listening very well...