Friday, March 5, 2010

Celeste's wedding

Back in November, my oldest sister, Celeste, tied the knot! Max and I flew to Kansas for the wedding. It was so nice to be able to see my family and be there to support my sister on her special day...I even got to do her makeup and I must say, she looked beautiful! There were way more pictures, some of the actual ceremony, but they're on my other computer and I'm having a very hard time getting them these will have to do. 

Max got to meet his Aunt Carissa for the first time! He loved her and can't wait to see her again soon!
Max and his grandma
Celeste and Aaron, cutting the cake
Very sweet!
Isn't my momma so pretty? Looks too young to be a grandma of 3, if you ask me.
Max and his Uncle Nate...Max loved kissin' on him.
First dance as husband and wife
Not awake.
This picture is blurry and quite un-flattering but...I had to post it. My little brother, Scott, was feeling a little down and didn't want to I picked him up and took out to the dance floor. It was fun but that boy is heavy! haha
This was the first time that Max met my sister Celeste
Max and Auntie Celeste

Max and his JaJa (grandpa)...look familiar?
Max has always loved his JaJa
Me and my momma

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summerbummer said...

Max has the cutest smile... what a happy little guy! Can't wait to get together again and play some games!