Saturday, July 18, 2009

Practically professional pictures...

Our Good friend Todd took some pictures of Maxwell last Sunday. He has an awesome camera and he did an amazing job! Thanks a ton Todd!

Max is 5 weeks old in these pictures and is almost 6 weeks old now. The time has just flown by! We sure love our little Maxwell. I feel like I love him more everyday. He's such a sweet baby with a happy disposition. He's a great eater and sleeper...most of the time. But I'm still a very tired momma. I'm just waiting for those really long stretches of sleep to start happening. But's a treat to wake up with him in the night and feed him, just to see his little face. We love to just talk to him and kiss his little face and snuggle with him. I just can't get enough of him! He's already growing so fast. He's out of newborn diapers and has been wearing size 1 for about a week now. He's starting to get a little chubby..which is so cute! And we just love his hair! It's so crazy...we don't even style it, it does it all on it's own! He's a very alert baby...he has been since the day he was born. He just looks around with those big eyes wide open. So fun! He has blues eyes now, of course, and I'm hoping they stay that way...then he'll have my eye color. We're still up in the air on who he looks like. He definitely has Matt's lips (sorry for all those who thought they were mine), my ears and we think my round face. We're not sure of the eyes yet...but either way they'll be big and it's a huge mystery on whose nose he doesn't look like either of ours. As for his hair...Matt and his mom both think it has hints of red in it and they think it'll turn a lot more red like Matt's was as a kid. I'm still not really seeing a lot of red...and I spend the most time with him...but that doesn't mean it's not there. We'll see. It looks an awful lot like my hair color as a we'll see. We'll be happy either way. He weighed 8lbs. 9 oz. at his 2 week appt, which is past his birth weight (8lbs. 6 oz.) so I'm excited to see what he'll weigh at his 8 week check up. Anyway, that's the latest on our sweet little Maxwell and these are the latest pictures.

I love this picture of us

He looks so excited to be with his daddy! Love this picture of my 2 boys!

ha ha He looks like he's up to something in this one.

When he's hungry, he tries to eat my it looks like he's kissing's one of my favorite stinkin' cute!

Kinda looks like he has my eyes in this pictures...but it's too soon to tell.

Look at those little fingers.

Little feet...he has super long toes though!

Big yawn!

there's a little smirk

Our hanging Garden, 4th of July and cute pics of Max!

So cute after his bath

Having fun on the 4th of July

What a stud!

Our All-American Hunk!

This is a super cute outfit that my sister sent me...not the best pictures of Max but I had to post him in the outfit.

Not the happiest right then...but look at his cute outfit! ha ha

This is how he sleeps...with his arms up like that.

He's such a sweet baby

I LOVE snuggling with my little boy

when he lays on my chest, he props his head up with his arms like that and usually falls asleep in that position. Always makes up laugh.

Having fun playing and kicking around

Besides Max, this is Matt's pride and joy! It's our hanging garden (well except a tomato plant is in a regular pot). Matt has been taking really good care of it and is loving it! We have Hungarian Hot peppers, Banana Peppers and two different kinds of tomato plants.

Hundreds of live lady bugs

He also got a Praying Mantis cacoon to eat all the'll take a little time for it to open...but once it does...there will be LOTS of praying mantis in our garden...not so sure how I feel about that.

Matt put the Lady Bugs on the plants to eat off the Aphids (sp?)

By the time he came in, there were Lady Bugs crawling up his legs...kind of gross.