Friday, March 5, 2010

Max just being so stinkin' cute!

These are mostly just random pictures taken of Max...I just love this little boy!
My sweet little guy...I wish I knew how to get videos on used to have an option and doesn't anymore...anyway, I have a super cute video of Max in his jumparoo.

My cute little guy sitting in his bumbo before he could sit up on his own...made it pretty easy to get things done...he'd sit and watch me while I cleaned or cooked in the kitchen...those days are long gone now.
Max fell asleep in the swing in our bedroom...doesn't look very comfortable but it couldn't have been too bad.
Max and I went with his staff for brunch on a boat down in Portland...don't remember what it was called. Anyway, Max was trying so hard to get his mouth on Matt's food. It was hilarious!
Max also got to meet Portland's famous Cinnamon Bear!
Max was so entertained sitting on Matt's shoulders and pulling his hair. haha

So Matt's expense. Matt didn't seem to enjoy it as much as Max. haha

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summerbummer said...

hahah.. i love the one where he's eating matt's hair. tasty!