Friday, March 26, 2010

Max and Annalise

Matt and I went over to Jess and Dave's for dinner and games a few weeks ago and Jess took a bunch of these cute pictures of Max and Annalise.

Sweet little Annalise
Havin' so much fun together
I love his sweet little face.
Max is trying to teach her to share...

...and again. haha I love her face in this one.

My cute little guy. These are some of the last pictures of him before his big boy hair cut.
MAX AND ANNALISE'S FIRST KISS!!!! He's kissed her many times since, and she always seems to like it.

Now Max is using his healing powers on Annalise.

She's really feelin' it.
And after all that kissing and healing...he's beat. : )

1 comment:

Jessica said...

All that kissing and healing will tire a kid out! Love him. Love you!