Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max's (and mine) first BLAZERS GAME!!!

Matt's dad and Virginia invited us to go with them to a Blazers game. They had won 6 box seat tickets at a charity raffle. Pretty sweet deal! I'd been wanting to go to a game and hadn't ever been so I was sooo excited to get to go and have awesome seats on top of it! Thanks so much dad and Virginia for inviting us! We loved spending time with you and thoroughly enjoyed the game!
This is the suite we watched the game in.
Matt and Max...before his much needed hair cut. haha
Me and my boy
Max and his grandpa David

easily entertained
me and my hunk-a-burnin' LOVE!

Max with Robin, Virginia's daughter
Max playing with his grandma Virginia
our attempt at a family photo
look at those blue eyes
Max and his sweet.

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