Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our 1 Year Anniversary...and more!

This blog is full of pictures of Matt and me throughout our entire relationship...from dating the first year of marriage. It was so fun to do...just reminiscing and enjoying our memories together. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Right before I sang at Nashville Nights at BYU-I...Matt had come to visit me for the weekend (to propose) and he got to hear me perform!

In Salt Lake visiting the different church sites

Right after Matt proposed...that's the same restaurant that Matt took me for our first date and the same table we sat in too!

Boating on Utah Lake

In the Sacred Grove...August 2007

We were in UT for a wedding and doing a little last minute wedding shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond...we were totally in public...don't get the wrong idea about us being on a bed together.

4th of July 2007

May first trip to OR to visit Matt's family.

Us after an FHE we had...

This is a picture of me and Matt before we started dating. I had brought him his favorite ice cream from Dairy Queen... a Peanut Buster Parfait.

Our first day as husband and wife (Below).
I'm so lucky to have been able to spend the last year married to the man of my dreams. He's everything I could ask for in a husband and I'm grateful to have him every day. He makes me laugh, he works so hard, he's so good at being sensitive to me (most of the time) especially with being pregnant, he tries so hard to do EVERYTHING that's the very detail and I admire that so much about him. He makes me want to be the best I can be. He makes me feel safe and secure. I still get excited when he comes home from work. He's a great snuggler...not to mention the best kisser on the planet and he happens to be my best friend. On top of it all...we're about to start our less than a week and I'm so grateful that he'll be the father of my children...those kids are going to have so much fun growing up with him as a dad!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
On May 9, 2009, Matt and I celebrated our year anniversary. Our Anniversary is actually on the 10th but because the 10th fell on a Sunday (and Mother's Day) we celebrated the day before. Because I'm so pregnant, there isn't a whole lot I can do...I just get too worn out. So we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and the beautiful state we live in and just do some sight seeing. It was a wonderful day spent with my very best friend in the entire world.

This is one of the lookouts we went you can see it was quite beautiful.

That's the Vista House

Me and my hub

He's handsome even when he's squinting! : )

And I'm just HUGE.

Matt at the top of The Vista House

Can't visit Multnomah Falls without getting an ice cream cone.

My husband should pretty much be a model. ha ha

Multnomah Falls

Us in front of the Falls

We went to Bellvue Dam and saw the salmon fish hatchery and these HUGE Sturgeons!

Kissy kissy fishy

Matt had so much fun feeding the salmon...he throw in the little pieces and they'd all dive for it...he was very amused. He's still a kid at heart.

We went to dinner at Claim Jumpers and both got fillet mignon for the special occasion...and it was soooo delicious! We ended the day off by going to the movies to see Wolverine...which Matt obviously picked but I really enjoyed. All in all...we had a wonderful anniversary celebration.

Matt making me breakfast on Sunday morning for Mother's Day. Matt HATES to it meant a lot for him to get up and make me breakfast...he was going to bring it to me in bed but I didn't know so I woke got out of bed before he we ate together...which is even better.

he used to last of the batter to make one ginormous pancake...
...And was quite impressed with himself (as was I) that he flipped it perfectly!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My baby shower in WA and Berkeley's 1st Birthday!

A few women in my ward threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago. It had a great turn out and I received some wonderful gifts!

Jill Taylor made this super cute chick cup cakes for the shower.

Aren't they adorable?!?!

There was lots of yummy food. Sue even made the drinks and rice krispie treats blue for a baby boy theme.

This is my dear friend Sue. Her, Lorali and Carol were the ones who put this shower together. They're sooo wonderful! Sue and Lorali are my visiting teachers and I just absolutely love them to pieces!

Some of the women at my shower.

This was my family representation at the shower. My sister-in-law Kim...we're fortunate that she lives here in Vancouver. She's actually been a huge help in getting me set up wit all the baby necessities...especially since I've never done it before and don't really know what I'm doing. It's funny because I had registered online for my baby shower by myself (Matt was supposed to help, but he fell asleep on my shoulder 5 minutes into it) and I didn't really know what I needed. Kim and my mother-in-law saw my registery and decided that I didn't have near enough stuff on it, so they got my password from me and added a lot of stuff to it. Thanks guys!

Opening the first present...

This was an outfit from Kim...can't really see it well, but it's adorable. Our little Max is going to break some hearts.

Just chatting a little after opening all my presents. What a fantastic shower! Thanks ladies!

To The Dalles fo Berkeley's first Birthday Party!

Carlie and Adan dressed up like princesses. And yes, this s the same Adan that I blogged about not long ago wearing the Tinkerbell outfit. ha ha

This was Berkeley's gift from his sister, Carlie. She actually played with it more than he did.

We got Berkeley these orange sunglasses...he kept them on for a was so funny to watch him stare at everything through them.

Gina was getting a good laugh because of Berkeley.

Berkeley's had a monkey themed bedroom since he was born. You should see how many monkeys hey has in there. So for his first birthday party, Gina made in monkey themed as well. The cake was so cute, and yummy, and we also had banana splits to go along with the theme.

Here's Berkeley about to blow out his candle. I wish I had some pictures of him when they gave him his own cake to eat/destroy. It was soooo entertaining to watch. He tore the thing was all over his face, arm, belly...down his diaper. It was great! Glad we could celebrate Berkeley's first birthday with the family!