Thursday, March 4, 2010

Max's first Halloween

Max was a giraffe for Halloween. We didn't actually get pictures of him on Halloween day but these pictures are from the day before Halloween. All of Matt's staff dressed up in their costumes.

I just have to say that I have one HOT husband.

Matt's dad got Max this binky a while back and it's hilarious!
haha I just have to laugh at this picture and the thought of this day. Matt and I went to lunch together and he stayed dressed up for it. The waiters at the restaurant did their best not to make eye contact with Matt. They'd ask me the questions and then look over Matt's head when turning in his direction. We laughed so hard and finally directly asked one of them a question, leaving them no choice but to look at him, and he smiled big with his nice blacked out teeth. It was so funny and very awkward for those working that day. Good times!
I'm in love!

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Donahue Family said...

All of the pictures are GREAT Kels!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the binki! That is awesome!!
I really love the pictures of your mom holding Max!! Its so sweet the two of them!