Sunday, January 25, 2009

So...I'm pregnant!

This is back in October at my birthday party. I found out I was pregnant 5 days before my birthday. If you look back at that blog entry, I talked about a special early birthday present I'd already recieved...and I was talking about finding out that I was pregnant.

17 weeks along!

21 weeks!

22 weeks!

Our Ultrasound. The Dr. first thought it was a girl...then he realized he was looking at the bum and decided it was actually a boy. We're sooo excited for our little guy to get here. Matt's pretty happy to have a boy first. We're naming Maxwell Kenneth. Kenneth is my dad's middle name and Maxwell was just a good strong name that we both liked a lot. Our little Max is due to arrive on June 3rd. So far pregnancy hasn't been my favorite thing...but the blessing of a baby far out weighs the discomfort of pregnancy. I meant to post this about 2 months ago but because my internet was being so slow, I gave up. so I'm a little further along than the pictures show. I'll be 28 weeks on wednesday. Walking sometimes is difficult, I waddle...embarrassing! And sleep is almost always difficult. I feel the baby kick all the time and it's so fun. Matt loves to feel him kick. Max gets hiccups sometimes and that always makes us laugh. Our favorite thing is when the baby kicks hard enough for us to see my whole belly shake because of it. So fun! We already love our little guy so much. I watch a baby story on TLC...a lot and I just get so excited at the idea of holding my little baby in my arms. I just know I'm going to love him more than I ever thought possible. June 3rd can't get here soon enough. I know life will change so much for us...but we're doing our best to prepare. We can't wait for the sweet addition to our family! And I can't wait to see what he looks like!!! I'd be alright if he looked just like Matt...cause Matt was soo stinkin' adorable when he was little. We even think there;s a chance he'll have red or strawberry blonde hair because my hair is naturally pretty light hair and Matt had red hair as a kid and it still shows a lot in the summer, plus his facial hair is very red. So we'll see. Anyway, that's our update for now. I'll try to be better at posting more regularly.

Carissa's married!

The reception!

Right as they were walking out of the temple.

This was my favorite picture of the day. Dean loves my dad.

Dean and his Uncle Nate

If you hold Dean and he wants down he'll either say "Help!" or "Ouch!" basically you look like you're abusing him unless you put him down. Clever little guy. Ha ha

Alright, well I figure since it'll take 20,000 years before I see any other pictures, I might as well go ahead and blog with the few pictures I've got. So, we had Christmas and then on the 26th was the reception and on the 27th was the sealing. It was a beautiful ceremony. On their wedding day it rained, a lot. So we didn't get all the pictures we were hoping for but the one that they got were really cool. Because of the snow and the rain, there was a really cool fog and the sun behind the clouds looked really neat too.

Christmas in NY!

Alright, so I know it's been FOREVER since I've updated my blog. But here's my excuse...My life really isn't that exciting and I'm not great at remembering my camera. And everyone else that promises to e-mail me the pictures never actually does. So I have no pictures to put I just don't end up blogging. I was going to wait even longer to put this up, waiting for my dad to send me pictures. But he's busy and didn't so I don't have a ton of Christmas pictures. But here ya go! Matt and I went to NY for Christmas and it was so good to be with family. But it was also super crazy because my sister, Carissa, got married 2 days after Christmas. Anyway, here ya go!

While I was in NY, I spent a day with my best friend, Tiffany, and her little girl, Maddie.

My dad has two of these hats. Apparently he thinks he can pull off the "Indiana Jones" look...even after I told him he probably shouldn't go out in public like that.

My adorable little nephew Dean. Every time you tell him to smile, this is what he does. ha ha So cute!

Snow in NY...nothing new. We got waaaay more than this by the end of my trip. It's always nice to have a white Christmas.

I didn't really take a lot of pictures on Christmas day, but I did catch a picture of the living room with a lot of presents before everyone ripped into them.

Scott and Nate with a couple of their presents.

*Disclaimer* It was Christmas morning!
I know I look terrible, but I did have to take at least one picture with some of the gifts Matt got me. My Bare Escentuals Beautiful Eyes kit and my awesome Clark shoes which are super cute and waaay comfy! My hub definitely spoiled me this year.

ha ha I got Matt some of those old fashioned chattering teeth for his stocking. You can tell he's really thrilled about it. ha ha

Because we spent Christmas in NY with my family, we couldn't bring all of our Christmas presents with us. So we came up with a brilliant plan. We took pictures of all each others presents and then put them in envelopes so that we'd still have something to open on Christmas day.

Matt definitely is still a little boy sometimes...and it's very cute. I had put all of his "presents" in envelopes and then he asked me to wrap the envelopes so he could open them...what a goof. So, I wrapped every single one of them. I also had given him one of his presents early and left it home. He brought it out to NY with him and asked me to wrap it so he could open it on Christmas morning. ha ha

My sister Kalin and her little boy playing Guitar Hero. Isn't he so stinkin' cute?

Everyone took turns playing Guitar Hero, since my little brothers got it for Christmas. My cousin, Jake, is amazing at it. He can play on expert! It's exciting to watch him play.