Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to NY: Thursday Sept 10th

We got to the airport at 8:30pm on wednesday. Of course, I got stuck in security (3rd time that's happened!) and had to be taken to the side and scanned with the wand and padded down. So fun. Anyway, we took the red eye in hopes that Max would sleep most of the way...and he did! Max was actually a fantastic traveler on the way there and the way there...no crying at ALL! We lucked out! We got into NY at 9:15am on thursday and my mom was at the airport to pick us up. It was sooo exciting to see her and of course she was elated to see her little grandbaby. We all took a long nap when we got home and then just hung out with everyone the rest of the day.

my momma with her grandbabies. Addie and Max

My momma with Max

Uncle Scottie with his little nephew Max. It was the first time my little brothers got to see him. They are such loving little uncles!

Dean playing with uncle Matt

Did I mention that Dean went to the bathroom a few minutes earlier and hadn't put his underwear back on...? ha ha

Going in for the kill...trying to lick Matt's face....SOOO funny!

nothin like a half naked little boy trying to lick your face. We sure love and miss our sweet little nephew Dean!


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