Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A few pictures from the summer and...OUR HOUSE! : )

Alright, so as I mentioned in my last post, I went to UT and spent 11 days with my sister. Here are the few pictures I actually took...I'm soooo so bummed I didn't take more. Story of my life.

Kalin and I at the airport the morning I left.

Me and Kalin with our babes...the only picture we managed to get of all four of us...sad. : (

Max and Dean, the only two grandsons on our side, so far. It was actually so cute how much Dean loved on Max. He loved to kiss him and hold him (with my help) and just sit next to him and talk to him. It was very sweet.

Dean's hardly in this picture...and it's the only picture of all three of the grandchildren together. We'll get more next time!

Not so happy to be getting their pictures taken.

My only picture with my sweet little niece, Addie.

Me with our friend Stephanie. We grew up with her in NY.

My Deano! He's getting so big and has become such a sweet and very smart and funny little guy. Sure wish they lived waaay closer!

So while I was there, Kalin convinced me to get my haircut by her awesome hairstylist...so I did. I actually hated it at first...but it's grown on me and I like it a lot more now.
So Matt and I have been looking for forever for a house. It's been such a long process. We put 4 different offers on houses and finally this one worked out. We're actually glad we had to wait longer because this house was the best deal and by far our favorite. This house is so much more than we ever needed but we were blessed to find it at a really great price...the owners really want to sell it. We feel so blessed and are so grateful to finally be getting into our own home. No more searching for a parking spot every night! ha ha We'll be closing on it in the next week and a half! Now I didn't take that many pictures. No bedrooms or anything...mostly because I was in a hurry because the family had just gotten home. Right now a family with 12 kids is renting the house.

Our little family on the day of the house inpsection.

Back living room

Kitchen...I actually wish it was a little bigger...I feel like for the size of the house, it should be bigger. It's the only downfall..but it's definitely bigger than what I've got now, so I can't really complain.

these are stairs that lead from the back living room up into the bonus room...I like to call it the loft...my favorite part of the house.

The loft

another of the loft.

stairs from the loft to the bedrooms

Another favorite little feature...2 stairs and french doors leading into the master bedroom. I feel like it's a grand entry.

view from the top of the front staircase

what you first see when you open the front door

Top of the stair case

View from the front living froom into the formal dining room

The office/Den...there's black paper covering the glass for privacy because it's being used as a bedroom. (remember, 12 kids)


Jeff and Kandis said...

holy house!! it's beautiful. you guys are going to be busy looking for furniture soon. how fun! congrats!

Kristalyn said...

Okay, I just found your blog and Max is so darling!! You are a seriously adorable little family. And congrats on the house, it's beautiful!

The Lowe Girl said...

Beautiful house you guys! We're just sad it isn't in our ward!! Congrats!!