Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some sweet pictures of Maxwell

These were all taken before we went to NY for Max's baby naturally I'm blogging them first. 4 more posts coming soon!

We took a few pictures of Max in his cute jammies with the matching bib and hat. So cute! And of course he's doing his natural pose...flexing the guns.

See, he's cute even when you can't see all that crazy hair! : )

Getting a little excited

Max LOVES sucking on his hands...and really anything else he can get into his mouth.

Sleeping with daddy...and you'll notice he's in his usual position...muscles up!

Thumb in the mouth! He hasn't gotten real good at cucking on his thumb...but Matt and I both were thumb maybe he'll suck his too...and then I won't have to find his binkie in the middle of the night. : )

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