Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Max is 3 months old today!

Max is 3 months old today! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. I feel like he's changed so much since we first brought him home from the hospital. This video is a few weeks old...but I forgot to put it up earlier, so I'm putting it up now. I can't seem to find the other video of him that's more recent...so this one will do for now. I also have other things to post that are past due but I just wanted to celebrate Max being 3 months first! : )

Max will suck on anything when he's hungry...so cute.


Leslie said...

I love Max's hair. He is so adorable.
The pictures were so fun to look at.

The Armstrong Article said...

Nothing like sucking the boogers out of daddy's nose. Oh the memories. Love you!