Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to NY: Friday Sept.11th

My Aunt Annie and Uncle Jan got in to their hotel at midnight on Thursday so they came over on Friday morning. We're sooo glad they got to be a part of the special weekend. And what made it even better is that they brought some Donald's Donuts from Zanesville, and anyone who's had them knows that they're the best donuts IN THE WORLD! So needless to say...I had about 4. We had so much fun just talking and spending time together. Matt played HORSE in the front with my little brothers and then all the guys played some football in the back and had a great time. All the girls went shopping and the out to a late dinner while the guys watched sports and then went out to dinner as well. It was a fun filled day for sure! Just LOVE being with my family! : )

My Aunt Annie holding Max for the first time.

Max, fast asleep in his JaJa's (grandpa in Polish) arms.

The boys playing football in the backyard

They were in the middle of talking and I yelled for them to look over for a picture

They must have been talking about some really sweet plays to use in the game. ha ha

Even Dean tried to play

My sister brought her bumbo and Max loved sitting in it...so we'll have to get one for him.

Aunt Annie playing with Max. He was giving her HUGE smiles and every time I'd take a picture of it they turned out blurry....sad.

Enjoying the bumbo

Uncle Scottie hangin' with his nephews...they love him. I feel bad that I don't have any pictures of Nathan with Max.

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