Friday, August 28, 2009

Max and Addie's Photoshoot!

So I went to visit my sister, Kalin, in UT a few weeks ago. It was so fun to spend time with her. I was there 11 full days! It's really hard for me to live so far away from all of my family because I love them all so much so it was such a treat to be able to spend so much time with my big sister...and it was great for Max and Addie to meet eachother since they're only 3 weeks apart and already best friends! ha ha I really wish she lived closer cause we're so much alike and have so much fun together...just talking and doing a lot of laughing. She's such a great sister and a terrific mommy! So while I was there, Kalin's awesome sister-in-law, Marie, took these darling pictures of Max and Addie...for FREE! I've scored big with awesome pictures of my baby...what's going to happen to my other children when Matt and I are too cheap to pay an arm and a leg for professional pictures? hmmm..Guess it's true that there are always more pictures of the first child..., there are way more pictures of Kalin as a baby than there are of me and Dirk. ha ha

Max is 8weeks old in these pictures. He'll be 12 weeks (3 months!) next Tuesday...time has gone by so fast! Is it weird that I already feel a little sad because I feel like he's growing too fast? I guess I just want him to be my perfect, sweet little baby forever. I don't ever want him to get too big to want to snuggle with his mommy or ever push my kisses away. But as of now...he seems to love to be held in my arms and recieve all my hundreds of kisses every day.

He really is growing and just becoming more and more fun. He wakes up every morning, and long nap, with lots of big smiles and lots to say. He hates to lay down...he wants us to sit him up and a lot of times we'll prop him up and he's happy just sitting there. He also loves to stand up too...I can already tell that he's going to be a very active baby! He's a very happy baby, which we're so grateful for. Matt and I were talking the other night and just saying how it's amazing how much we love him...we never imagined it would feel like this. We love to look at him while he sleeps, so pure and innocent. We feel so blessed beyond measure to have him as our son. He makes us want to be so much better than we may have ever desired on our own.

He kind of looks like a plus size model here. ha ha

I love his crazy, unruly, hair!

Not so cute of mom...but sweet of my little guy.

Smiles for momma

Max and Addie...chubby babies!

They both took their turn making silly faces for the camera

I LOVE this picture of them!

Our little Chunkers!

Probably my favorite picture of Addie

Max ALWAYS has his arms like that...constantly flexing and showing off his guns. ha ha Silly little guy.

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