Friday, September 24, 2010

Max 15 months

Max is 15 months! He's pretty much walking. He still crawls too but he's getting more and more brave. He won't take a binky and hasn't for a couple of months now. He's still nursing ans loving it. He actually seemed to love it more after he turned one than ever before. He gives the best hugs...he holds tight and squeezes. He loves to give kisses ALL the time, which we love! He loves his daddy so much and loves to play and wrestle with him. He loves  cars and pushes them around and makes noises. He LOVES playing in water whether it's the pool or the bath tub. I'll have to post a video of him in the bath sometime. He splashes so much that I have to cover myself with an extra towel so I don't get soaked. He has eight teeth. He loves corn on the cob. He's a very fickle eater and by that I mean that he loves a certain food one day and the next wants nothing to do with it and then a few days later he loves it again. He weighs 22lbs. and is 31inches long. He's in the 18th percentile for weight and the 64th for  height. He loves playing outside and at the park. He has recently learned to open all the doors in our house so we've had to put locks on them all. He LOVES playing the the toilet and has some sort of sixth sense where he knows if you've forgotten to close the bathroom door. He gives high fives and love to clap and play pat-a-cake. He LOVES to brush his teeth and tries to comb his hair. He's getting better at being left with babysitters and so we're starting to enjoy going places, besides the temple, without him. He talks all the time and is very loud...especially in church. I don't have any clue where he gets the talking's not in his genes at all. ; ) He's the absolute LOVE of our lives and we couldn't imagine this world without him. He brightens our days, makes us laugh and smile all the time and makes our lives so full. I can hardly get enough of his sweet face and have to kiss him all the time and tell him I love him at least 100 times a day...because I do!

Playing with daddy

ha ha Love this one!
He loves to kiss...he's even closing his eyes.

He thinks it's the greatest thing to kiss through the back of the chair or the banister or any sort of opening.

Love this face
When I was little and smiled big, my left eye would squint just like this. ha ha

One of my very favorite pictures of Max. This picture is the epitome of Max.

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Kristin Louise said...

He is SOOO cute! Love his smile, hair, big lips, everything.