Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dirk and Stef's Sealing -May 6th 2010

So I'm WAY behind on updating my blog... what's new? I was doing okay for a little while. I've been meaning to do it but then I get so overwhelmed by how behind I am that I don't want to start...and then I become even more behind. ANYWAY... Here's what you've missed. Back in May my twin brother, Dirk, got sealed in the Palmyra temple to his beautiful wife, Stefanie. It was sooo wonderful to be able to go and be a part of their special day and be together in the temple as a family. It made it even more special for Stefanie because they were sealed on her birthday. : ) Here are some

of the very few pictures I got on my camera.

The rest of these pictures were taken by their friend David Richer-Brule who's a professional photographer and did a FABULOUS job. These are just a FEW of my favorites. : )
Right outside of the temple. I really love my nephew, Dean, in this picture. ha ha We all blew bubbles as they came out...and apparently wanted them right on Dirk's backside. : )

All of our side of the family that was there.

This is a typical picture for me and Dirk to take together. It's the "look off" and it's a classic.

Same thing at my wedding. : )Think we'll ever grow out of it? Probably not...

Isn't she beautiful?

I love how soft the colors are in this one.

This is in front of the Joseph Smith Log Home.

This is the first of at least 4 posts...possibly more. So check back for the next one! : )

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