Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enjoying my family and the Zoo : )

While we were in NY we mostly just enjoyed spending time together as a family. When we get together there's usually lots of laughing and not a whole lot of sleep. We have to make the most of the limited time we have together. Max didn't do super well. He just do super well with a lot of change (ie. 3 hour time difference, a house he doesn't know and A LOT of noise and faces he doesn't know) so he was pretty fussy the whole time. He also was teething a not feeling real well while we were there. It would be so nice if we saw each other so often that Max actually knew them, but that's not likely. Sad. Anyway, here are some pictures of our time together in NY.
Sad boy.

JaJa trying to cheer him up
Max and my cousin Jake... ha ha

my sister-in-law, Stef and my brother Nate
Max and Auntie Stefanie
Me and Dirky : )
Me and Stef and Kalin being a creeper in the back. ha ha
my nephew, Dean, and my brother, Scott
Me and my cousin Jake
Kalin and Stef
Max and his uncle Drew.
Max was pretty intrigued by the animals...I didn't get many pictures of them though.
trying to touch the fishes
he was happier on daddy's shoulders than anywhere else.
ha ha ha apparently the men wanted recognition for this beautiful garden. ha ha

Max had found a fun new activity
Yum! ha ha
Kalin with her kids, Dean and Addie, and our cousin Jared
Us with my little brother, Nathan
Max crashed in my cousin Tyler's arms. Very sweet.
Best cousins!
who doesn't love cheerios?

Besides Kalin, I haven't seen them since May and am not even sure when I'll see them next. : ( I miss my family all the time and ALWAYS wish they could somehow be closer.

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Carrie Jeffrey said...

cute pics! we sure miss your family!!