Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our little Maxwell has finally arrived!

My due date was June 3rd. I went in to the Doctor's office and he checked me and I was not dilated at all and 0% no baby. I was sad. He scheduled me to come in again the following Monday, 5 days later. So I did...again, I was not dilated and 0% effaced. I almost cried right there in his office. My mom planned to be there for 2 weeks to help me with the baby and 5 days had already gone by and no baby. So my doctor called the hospital and there was room for me to come in to be induced that night. So I went in at 8 and they gave me pills to help my cervix get much thinner. They gave me really late that night and WHOA!, talk about some painful contractions! I tried my best to breathe through them and stay calm. After a while I got in the bath to help with the did a little. I wasn't dilated enough to have an epidural yet, so I had to bear through it (you have to be a 3...I was only 1 1/2). It finally got to the point where I was actually crying..."Please tell them to do something hurts sooo bad". So at 7am I got my epidural...and I was a new woman. I slept like a baby and felt great! Hours later I started pushing. 45 minutes later, Maxwell Kenneth Aldridge arrived. He was born at 5:00pm on June 9th and weighed 8lbs. 6oz. My mom and Matt were the only ones in the room for the delivery and I was so grateful for them...they were so good to me throughout it all. I was especially grateful to have my mom there. It was so comforting to have my help me stay calm through the pain and just to be there for me while I was in the process of becoming a mommy myself. The moment Max came out and they put him on my Talk about overwhelming, talk about love at first sight. It was the best feeling in the world. He was perfect...and he's mine.

Before any of the contractions started...big smile.

Last family picture without Maxwell

Matt's first time holding his little boy.

Getting his temp. taken.

Doesn't my mom look great here? We got to the hospital at 8 the night before...and this is 5:00pm the next day...she stayed up all night, no shower, no touching up makeup or hair...and she still looks great! What a woman!

Look at those cute buns!

My mom is a post partum nurse in NY so she got to give Max his very first bath. So cool! It also was nice that she really knew what she was doing (more than motherly instincts) so she could really help me after Max was born. I sure was lucky to have her!

So fresh and so clean clean.

Proud grandma!

Matt loved Max just as automatically as I did.

Matt's first dirty diaper...ha ha I love his face here! Just wait 'til they actually start to stink!

Daddy and his boy.

Aunt Kim with Max

Adan could not wait for me to have Max. I can't even tell you how many times Adan would ask (while I was still pregnant) if I could take him out. For his birthday (months ago) he told his mom that he wanted a seat for his bike for baby Max. ha ha So cute! He's been so excited to see and love on Max. Now every time he sees him he wants to play and kiss him. Max doesn't have any older siblings but he sure has some great older cousins!

Sean with baby Max

He asked to take a picture with's one of the very few that I'm in. I swear, the mom isn't in the pictures cause she's always taking the pictures.

Our great friends Evan and Sue Simper came to visit us in the hospital. We just love them!

This is there little girl, Bryn, next to Max...she's a bit bigger than him. It seems like yesterday when I went to visit Sue in the hospital right after she had Bryn...and now look how she's grown!

Max with his grandma Diane

Max and his Aunt Annie

Max with his cousin Claire

Claire wanted a picture with Aunt Kelsey too.

Our little family.

Dressing Max and getting ready to go home!

Big yawn!

All ready to finally go home!

That sure looks like a happy baby to me. : )

Max is trying to show that he's #1!

And now he's flexing, showing off his guns.


creed and tiffany said...

I want to hold him! He must be getting so big. He's so cute Kels and I love all of his hair. You are a sweet mommy... i know it. I miss you

Scott and Amy said...

Congratulations!!! What a super hansome little guy. Can't wait to meet him!!!

amy said...

Oh my goodness! He is such a cute little guy. Your mom is such a proud is really cute! Her face lights up when she talks about you guys!! I can't wait to see him...I have to kinda makes me feel old!! Congrats-he's precious!

amy said...
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