Friday, July 17, 2009

Father's Day!

So I'm a little late on posting this (I've been a little busy) but...better late than never. This Father's Day was extra special because it was Matt's first Father's Day as a daddy. I knew Matt was good with kids before we had Max because he's good with his nieces and nephews...but I still wondered what kind of dad he'd be. I knew he'd love and do anything for his child but I know some dads don't enjoy the newborn stage because newborns aren't very interactive. I guess I just worried that holding and loving on Max wouldn't be everything to Matt...but no worries there! Matt LOVES Max! It's my favorite thing just to watch Matt love his boy. He is such a good dad. He comes home from work for lunch everyday just to see his boy and hold him for what he calls a little bit of "stress relief". Max is so lucky to have Matt as his dad!

Matt and Max on Father's Day

A very common position for both of them

ha ha Matt loves this...When Max is hungry he'll suck on anything he can get his mouth on...including Matt's nose. ha ha So cute!

In the hospital

watching TV together...sorta

Happy Father's Day to my dad!
I also wanted to share a bit about my dad. My mom and dad got married when I was technically he's my step dad...but really he's my dad. The funny thing is that when I was little and my mom was dating...I hated every guy she dated. Seriously...I would go outside and kick their car (so my mom says) when they'd come over to the house. I can remember a guy asking my mom to dance at a wedding reception and standing in between them, holding my mom's legs, as they danced. You get the point...I didn't like any of them...except for my dad. I liked him right away...I even started calling him dad before they were married. I think Heavenly Father knew just what I needed...and my mom and siblings.'s been that way every since. We have a blended family...7 kids and we love each other. Blending a family isn't an easy thing to do...but my parents made it happen. Anyway, back to my dad...he's the greatest. He and I have always had a very special relationship. He's one of my very best friends. Growing up, he was always the one who understood me the best and was just the greatest listener and always seemed to give the best advice. It was always just what I needed to hear. My dad and I love to laugh together...I'll admit...he's pretty funny...almost as funny as me ; ). It may be hard to believe, but he and I are very much alike...we totally have the same sense of humor and think the same about a lot of things...we were meant to be! I admire my dad for the man he is. He's absolutely incredible. He has so much integrity and even though he isn't perfect (close), he tries so hard to do what's right. He's such a great dad. Quite possibly the best dad in the world. So Happy Father's Day dad! I love you!!!

Dancing with my dad and my sister's wedding

Waiting outside the temple for Matt and I to come out

This is him giving a toast at my wedding

My dad kept change our direction while we dance so that the camera and everyone watching wouldn't see him crying during the daddy/daughter dance. He thinks he's such a big tough guy...but really he's a major softy...ha ha sorry dad!

Us staying at a hotel in Kansas on our way to take me back to Rexburg for school.

My family on my wedding day

I'm Hans, and I'm Franz, and we are going to PUMP YOU UP!

Having lunch at the top of the Hill Cumorah

My dad is sooo cool

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