Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last few days of pregnancy ...

This post is very overdue (and so was I in the pictures) and it's also's been a while since I posted and obviously I forgot how to post my pictures in the right order. Oh well. So these pictures are from what I thought was going to be my last Sunday pregnant and then a bunch of pictures of our visit of Multnomah Falls and other sites while my mom was here. Mind mom flew in on my due date but the baby was not ready to be instead we decided to do a lot of walking. : )

A bunch of really really ridiculously good looking people.

This was supposed to be the normal shot...hmmm what doesn't belong?

Oh little Maxwell...what kind of family are being born into?

There was already so much pretty in the picture that I thought it needed a little ugly...

Me and my momma.

The paparazzi were snapping pictures all day I finally decided to strike a pose for them.

Multnomah Falls

Look how cute my momma is.

You can barely see us up there...

He used to be a gymnast...

they wanted me to do the karate kid...I almost fell balance was a little off.

This was supposed to be my last Sunday pregnant...but I was pregnant the following Sunday too.

Talking on the phone with my momma a few days before she got here.

Don't be jealous...
Large and in charge.

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creed and tiffany said...

hahahaha I love the "Don't be jealous" That one was good. Let's be were huge, and I can only say that for 3 reasons. 1) we're BFF 2) I was huger and you actually didn't look disgusting 3) You have always been painfully honest with me and that is a good thing. I love you my beasty!