Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip home to NY and Ohio.

At the end of March I went to NY to visit my family. I wanted one last trip before the baby was here and everything in life got a bit harder. While there, we drove down to Ohio to visit my grandparents and cousins for a few days.

Pictures from my trip to Ohio...

These are my cute grandparents whom I just love and miss so much!

That's my cute mom.

Me and Kalin...she's only a week ahead of me...so fun to be pregnant together! So you might be wondering about the wax lips...Well we had all gone to the mall and while we were there we stopped at a candy shop. My Aunt Annie saw these and decided she wanted to buy some for everyone so that we could take some fun family pictures. And fun family pictures we took!

We had to do a silly cross eyed picture...

We took a plain smiling one...except my grandpa didn't hear that and kept his lips in. ha ha

My grandpa kissing my grandma with those wax lips...so cute!

Me and my grandpa...obviously my height didn't come from my moms side of the family.

My cute little grandma who is doing so well! So glad she's healthy and happy and still kickin' with us!

MY grandparents again.

Kalin, Stef, me, grandma and my mom

Me and the other prego in the family.

She's only a week ahead of me but it's her second baby, so my muscles are holding out a little better than hers.

Me and my momma

Back to NY for my Baby shower!

While I was in NY, my best friend Tiffany planned a baby shower for me! She worked soo hard on everything from the handmade invitations to the decorations and yummy food. It was a brunch and so she had lots of yummy breakfast type foods like fresh fruit, scones, muffins, coffee cake, breakfast casserole and lots more.

I took a picture of some of the food while she was still setting up.

She did such an awesome job decorating!

This is the only picture I got of Tiff because she wouldn't stop to take a nice picture of her...so sorry Tiff but I had to put it up!

This is one of my best friends, Whitney, who came and helped Tiff with a lot of the cooking and cleaning for the shower! Love you Whit!

Me chatting with one of my best friends, Rachael, from high school and her mother, Gayle.

The Kerrs with Carissa and Aileen

I'm still waiting to get all the pictures that were taken at my shower...these are just the few that my mom and I took on my camera. There were a lot more, and better ones, taken. But at least you get a preview!

Me and Kalin right before she left for the airport...black is slimming...and gray apparently isn't...and yes the shirt is tight...I just threw it on, it's my little brothers...and they're 10. : )
Overall, my trip home was great. I'd much rather click my heels and get all the way to NY instead of taking a very long and very uncomfortable flight, but it was well worth it. I always enjoy just being with my family. My sweet little brothers are getting so big and I hate the thought of missing out on who they're becoming. They're such sweet and loving little boys...not to mention hilarious! And it's always great to have time to just spend time and talk with my parents. It was so good to be with my family...it's definitely hard being so far away from them...luckily I have a terrific husband and really great in-laws that make it a little easier.

Back home to WA

My flight got in while Matt was working so his sister, Kim, picked me up. When I got home to my apt. I found a bouquet of roses with tulips that were so beautiful and 2 balloons which said "Welcome Home" and "I Love You". I truly have a wonderful husband and although I had a great visit with my family, I really really really missed my husband. By the way...this picture hardly does justice to the flowers...they were much more vibrant when I got home...but I neglected to take a picture of them until a week later when they were a bit wilted.


Taralynn and Kory said...

love your blog!! when are you due?

Raine said...

I loved all the new pictures! How very cool to be expecting babies together with your sis! :-) Lorali

Katrina said...

It's so fun to see pictures of your family, especially your grandparents! I miss them so much!