Friday, May 14, 2010

Max is 11 months!

Our little Maxwell is 11 months...which means HE'S ALMOST A YEAR!!!! AHHH!! How did that happen? No one asked my permission for him to get so big and so old. Ridiculous. Besides the fact that he's growing and getting closer to the time when he'll be too big for me to rock him to sleep and kiss him all the time and he'll leave the house and then get married and never need me again, Matt and I are LOVING watching him grow and learn so much. It's such a treat to watch him discover new things. I've been pretty terrible about writing updates about any of his firsts or how much he weighs each month. I always intend to do it and then by the time I get around to it the month is almost over and I'll have to write about the next month. I'm sad I haven't been better at updating about Max. So I'm going to try to make up for lost time and tell all 5 people that actually read my blog all about Max.

At his 9 month check up, Max weighed 19.5 lbs. He was only in the 30th% and I was actually quite bummed about it. I've since tried to make him eat more. I'm hoping at his year check up that he'll be in a higher percentile.
He started crawling at 71/2 months and he has funniest crawl. He uses one knee and one foot to propel off of. He's super fast too!
He's had TWO hair cuts and almost needs another.
He has 2 teeth on the bottom and I'm sad to say that I think he may be a biter. He does it with a smile on his face and doesn't ever do it when he's upset but I'm a little worried about what it'll be like when he gets more teeth. On the contrary, I'd like him to get more teeth so I can feed him more table food.
He's good at picking up food and putting it into his mouth...he's also good at picking up things that aren't food and putting them into his mouth.
He's a pretty good eater and will eat pretty much everything we give him now. That took persistence though...I tried over and over again with the green veggies and meat before he finally gave in.
He's a great sleeper. He usually takes 2 good naps every day and sleep through the night and only on rare occasions does he wake before 8 hours.
I still nurse him and we both love that time we have together. I know I'll at least go until he's a year and I'm not quite sure after that. I'll do what feels right for both of us.
For the last couple of months he's been saying mamama and dadada and I actually think he knows who he's referring to.
He talks a lot and we LOVE it!
He can wave goodbye.
He can clap his hands and does it a lot.
He's very ticklish and laughs a lot.
He LOVES playing with his daddy and gets so excited when he comes home from work.
He loves for us to sing to him every night before he goes to bed and we love it too.
He's been pulling himself up on things since he was 7 months and has been walking along things for a few months now.
3 different times he has stood without holding onto anything, for a few seconds.
I think he would already be walking if he weren't so afraid to do so.
He learned to crawl up the stairs at 8 months and at 9 months learned to climb down the stairs. He only fell down the stairs once in the process. We don't have any gates on either sets of stairs in our house.
2 days ago, Matt discovered the shell of a Lady Bug in his mouth, he'd swallowed the rest...I was quite grossed out. Such a boy!
He LOVES to rip up anything paper and pull anything he can off of shelves, couches and the kitchen table.
He loves to wrestle with mom and dad.
He has the sweetest smile on the planet.
He melts our hearts every single day.
He loves to play on the dishwasher.
He loves crawling in the cabinets.
I loves taking baths and is a wild man in the water.
He's taken 4 different trips on an airplane since he's been born.
He loves to chase after the vacuum and the broom...I was hoping he'd be afraid and stay away while I cleaned. Maybe that means that he'll love doing chores when he gets bigger?
HE LOVES PLAYING IN THE TOILET! ha ha Matt found him upstairs in the hall bathroom with one hand holding the lid open and trying to balance himself, and the other hand splashing in the water. We laughed very hard and quickly disinfected him.
Besides a couple of colds, he's been very healthy and we've been very grateful for that.
He's the most content when he's sitting with both mom and dad. He goes back and forth between the two of us and you can tell he feels very safe and very loved.
We LOVE him so much and are so grateful he's ours. We both look at him all the time and just can hardly believe that he's OURS.

This is a picture we took of Max the first time he crawled! ha ha look at all that hair!

standing at the window, eating a cookie

smiling at his daddy

He gets into this drawer every day and pulls everything out. ha ha But how can I be upset when he looks so cute?

Oh the innocence of that face

Climbing up the front stairs

Laughing and smiling at dad

such a big boy

He made a HUGE mess with his cookie

I can't get enough of this face.

Check out those two little teeth! : )

So sweet

Silly little boy

Max with his Grandma Diane

So happy!

I came over and jumped around behind the camera to make him laugh.

crawling in the cupboards

What a beautiful mess. : )

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Erin said...

what a great update. i feel like since you guys are in "ridgefield" now that you are in another state!! by the way, i love max's second hair cut!! i cried when owen got his haircut because it instantly made him look like a big boy and i wanted to hold onto the baby as long as i could. but i didn't miss the ratted mess in the back, especially after nap time!! :)