Thursday, May 7, 2009

My baby shower in WA and Berkeley's 1st Birthday!

A few women in my ward threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago. It had a great turn out and I received some wonderful gifts!

Jill Taylor made this super cute chick cup cakes for the shower.

Aren't they adorable?!?!

There was lots of yummy food. Sue even made the drinks and rice krispie treats blue for a baby boy theme.

This is my dear friend Sue. Her, Lorali and Carol were the ones who put this shower together. They're sooo wonderful! Sue and Lorali are my visiting teachers and I just absolutely love them to pieces!

Some of the women at my shower.

This was my family representation at the shower. My sister-in-law Kim...we're fortunate that she lives here in Vancouver. She's actually been a huge help in getting me set up wit all the baby necessities...especially since I've never done it before and don't really know what I'm doing. It's funny because I had registered online for my baby shower by myself (Matt was supposed to help, but he fell asleep on my shoulder 5 minutes into it) and I didn't really know what I needed. Kim and my mother-in-law saw my registery and decided that I didn't have near enough stuff on it, so they got my password from me and added a lot of stuff to it. Thanks guys!

Opening the first present...

This was an outfit from Kim...can't really see it well, but it's adorable. Our little Max is going to break some hearts.

Just chatting a little after opening all my presents. What a fantastic shower! Thanks ladies!

To The Dalles fo Berkeley's first Birthday Party!

Carlie and Adan dressed up like princesses. And yes, this s the same Adan that I blogged about not long ago wearing the Tinkerbell outfit. ha ha

This was Berkeley's gift from his sister, Carlie. She actually played with it more than he did.

We got Berkeley these orange sunglasses...he kept them on for a was so funny to watch him stare at everything through them.

Gina was getting a good laugh because of Berkeley.

Berkeley's had a monkey themed bedroom since he was born. You should see how many monkeys hey has in there. So for his first birthday party, Gina made in monkey themed as well. The cake was so cute, and yummy, and we also had banana splits to go along with the theme.

Here's Berkeley about to blow out his candle. I wish I had some pictures of him when they gave him his own cake to eat/destroy. It was soooo entertaining to watch. He tore the thing was all over his face, arm, belly...down his diaper. It was great! Glad we could celebrate Berkeley's first birthday with the family!

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Valerie said...

Those cupcakes are adorable and the monkey cake too! And a monkey party with banana splits--too fun!!