Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seattle with Phil and Summer!

This part weekend Matt and I drove to seattle to spend the weekend with our good friends Summer and Phil. We had a blast. The first night we went to this park and threw the football for a while and then went down to the beach and skipped rocks and just enjoyed the evening. Then we went back to their place and played SETTLERS OF CATAN! We love that game. Then we watched a movie and fell asleep. The next day we had a yummy breakfast and then Phil and Summer showed us around Seattle. We had a blast! We went inside the coolest library I've ever been in. The architecture and color schemes were so cool. We had fun exploring and taking pictures in there. Then we went to the farmers market to look around. Pike Place had the coolest fish market. The guys that worked there were so energetic. They always had a crowd around watching as they shouted out the orders and threw the huge fishes around. We got to ample some smoked salmon...mmm mmm good. Summer had us try these delicious doughnuts that they made fresh right there....sooo yummy. We really enjoyed looking around. After we were done exploring downtown Seattle, we went back and played another game of Settlers before Matt and I got back on the road to go home. What a fun weekend!

The Farmer's market in Seattle.

Summer and Phil took turned out kind of cool.

He's pretty cute.

On our way into the "throat". We called it the throat because it was this big hallway that was all red and dimly lit. It was my favorite part of the library.

He jumped into my arms like a little boy.

Matt was mauling me.

Summer and Phil again. Phil likes to strike a pose...

Matt zoomed in and took this picture of Phil. He showed me the camera and I didn't even know it was Phil so I just kept looking around for him.

I'm just cooler than him, that's all.

Super cool yellow narrow escalators. This library has 5 floors and was sooo cool.

The "look off" pose.

They were cool chairs made of foam.

We saw them playing chess in the library. We thought it was classic. Don't worry, I stood really far back and just zoomed in. I wasn't standing by the table taking pictures of them. haha I'm betting the old man won.

My husband is a monkey. He saw the tree and said it looked like it needed to be climbed.

The best part about this picture is Summer playing on the sea horse toy...she got stuck. haha

oh, isn't he cute. haha

Matt wanted in on the action.

Summer and cute.

Me and summer

The boys skipping rocks at the beach

I tried to take a picture of myself with the pretty background.


We stopped at Cascade Locks for ice cream and took some pictures!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun! All the times I have been to Washington I have yet to make it to Seattle. I told Kim next time I come up we are heading to Seattle! You will have to come with us, that is when I make it out again!?!?!?

David said...

Hey, looks like you guys had fun in Seattle. Pike's Market IS a very cool place - I took some of their fab fish home. Liked the fish tossing. That library looks like a neat place to visit next time. And the old one-quart-ice-cream-cone stop in Cascade Locks, eh? Great trip!
Love, Dad

Carrie Jeffrey said...

looks like you and your hubby are having a blast! thanks for the updates!! (now we just need to get kalin blogging some more...)