Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer far.

We went to Fort. Vancouver for fireworks and good music! We had so much fun!

Matt's office is coming together. They've gotten lots of the remodelig done and the sign out front looks great! I went and had Matt clean my teeth and do some x-rays...I have a few cavities which is a little embarrassing since my husband's a dantist. I should have perfect teeth right? haha It's funny...while we were dating I tried to get in the habit of know since I was dating a didn't really stick. I think he was a bit disappointed. haha

We all went over to Kim' for Father's Day. Matt's birthday was right around that time, so his dad got him a present. Matt's not even a father yet and he still got a present on Father's Day! haha

Trip to the zoo! We loved the hippo and the kids had fun in the petting area with the goats!

In Utah for Chris and Alecia's wedding. They did the ceremony outside and it was beautiful.

So, it's obvious that I'm pretty terrible at updating my blog. But I'm going to try harder...I think. Lots has happened this summer. Matt and I have had a blast. I got to go to Utah for Matt's cousin's wedding which was so fun. I got to spend time with my sister Kalin and my little nephew Dean which was wonderful. We've been on a rafting trip, where I thought I might die. I spent the day with the zoo with my niece and some of my nephews. We went to the baloon festival and had a blast on the 4th of July! We're going camping this weekend and to an amusement park with our good friends summer and Phil. haha We've enjoyed lots of movies and we love Red Lobster! haha Alright so our summer may not sound super awesome and full to everyone else but we're newly weds, so just being together is awesome and full. We're slowly making friends and really enjoying our ward here. Matt has a calling...drum roll please...Seminary teacher!!!! Woah! He's going to be great. He's such a great teacher...he teaches me so much just from our simple scripture study together. I'm excited for him...and I've even said I'd come in every once in a while and team teach with him. I have apllied to school at Clark College and can register for classes in a couple of weeks. I'm going full-time, hoping to get as much done before "other things" consume my time. I'm going home to NY in August for a week and I'm so excited to see my family. I sure miss them a lot. I hope this isn't too boring or lame to anyone...I'm new at this remember. And plus, if this was awesome at the beginning, you'd have nothing to look forward to. haha I'll put up some pictures from this summer so far.


Gina said...

Fabulous - you updated. The commentary did not bore me, I like knowing what you guys are up to. love the pics you guys are pretty stinkin' cute.

Eric and Nicole Beaudin said...

So I have to tell you... it is sooo great to see other young newly weds handling things so well! I definitely know how hard it can be and its great to see how well you're doing!! I'm so happy for you! You two look great together. I wish you all the best!